We are a network of associations made up of lay Catholic missionaries who engage in apostolic works in defense of the basic values of an organic Christian society. These associations co-operate to support the formation of their future members.

Each member association is autonomous, with its own statutes and independent direction. However, they constitute a family of souls, and as members of the same family, support and help one another, and seek to defend their ideals side-by-side. These associations operate in their respective countries, from America to Oceania, including Europe, Asia and Africa

Accordingly, every nascent or developing association receives, as far as possible, human and intellectual support from other associations that are part of the network. Most of the time, this support is made effective by sending one or more missionaries to assist in the installation or development of a local structure.

Following scrupulously the laws, norms and customs of each country, every association seeks to establish its own national structures, with domestic workforce and national leaderships, aiming at the fulfillment of its statutory objectives.

However, only a missionary with good training will have all the conditions and ability to fulfill his or her mission in an optimal way. For this end, the candidate needs to know how to organize and manage teams, define strategies and goals, and apply them all according to the ideals and charisma of each association. In short, the missionary should be a leader.

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